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Smartphones, Tablets, Apple TV, Websites, Desktops, Laptops, and Consoles.
We are a small business supporting small businesses and individuals. We will create custom software for your business to run more efficiently or create the game you always wanted.

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Design Consultation

We do not charge for initial design consultation. We will review your requirements and provide you with a detailed estimate of time and cost.

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No Hidden Costs

We provide detailed project agreements with agreed upon milestones using the fixed-full-price costing model.

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Questions and answers

1Do you outsource?
We design and develop all software in-house to include graphics and animation. If a project, such as a game, requires custom audio, we reach out to one of our audio partners.
2Will I own the software you create for me?
Absolutely. You will retain the intellectual property rights for the software and any related assets (i.e. graphics). Our project agreement will provide you with this in writing.
3Do you warranty your software?
Yes. We provide 12 months of free bug support and treat any reports as priority.



If your software includes a website, backend administrative portal, or other server-side software, we can host it for you. We have several servers from multiple providers.

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Why choose three19?

We are dedicated professionals with a goal to provide you with the best software possible.

In-House Development

In-House Development

We are not an outsource agency; we design and develop completely in-house.


We have been in business since 2008.
Technical support

Technical support

Dedicated support system with 12-months free bug support.
Complete solutions

Complete solutions

We develop full-stack solutions - your one stop for a complete software application.