Remotely manage your inventory at multiple locations.

You can create unlimited locations, categories, SKUs, and users.
Use the automated reporting system to alert you when it is time to reorder or relocate stock.

Manage your inventory

With the Remote Inventory Control System (RICS), you maintain complete control of your inventory. You start by identifying the locations such as store fronts, offices, and warehouses. Next, you create categories and items.

You can create an unlimited number of users and individually control their access. This ensures your data is safe and accurate.

There are multiple custom reports that give you an up-to-the-minute look at how much you have invested in your inventory

Remote inventory actions automtically update your master inventory. Offline inventories are uploaded when Internet connectivity is detected.

Data validation routines protects your data's integrity.

Statistics, Reports, and Alerts

The Remote Inventory Control System (RICS) comes with a Statistics Dashboard that give you a quick and comprehensive look at your total inventory. In addition to the number of locations, categories, items, rules, and users, you can see how many activities have been logged. Calculated data includes total items in inventory and the current value of the inventory.

RICS comes with eight powerful reports that give you a laser focused look at your data. With the tap of a button, you will know what items have the most and least amount of activity, low inventories, and high inventories. Detailed category, location, and user reports are also available. The optional online administrative back-end grants you access to even more reports and an interactive query system.

You can create an unlimited number of rules that are tied to item inventory levels either at a specific location or total inventory. RICS will notify you with a visual indicator and textual alert in the app. You also have the option of having RICS email you.

Never run low on inventory again!

Coming Summer 2017

We are working to complete the RICS app with all the features available with the first version. Stay tuned for updates.


This is going to be a game changer!