Cheers for Engineers!

This app was created to inspire young children to think about engineering and the meaningful impact of engineers and their work. It can serve as a standalone
game or in-home/in-class interactive learning experience.

Meet Shelly

Shelly is a smart young turtle that understands a few things about the Engineering Process.

She greets Bob and Kay when they crash on Earth and vows to help them find a way home. This will require the help of engineers.

With your assistance, Shelly will help Bob & Kay use the Engineering Process to overcome challenges and obstacles

Feature-Rich Game

Engineering Challenges

Focus on engineering design process

Interactive interface

Achievement system with trophies

Character audio

Background music and sound effects

Consistent storyline

Epic ending

Printable certificates

Printable coloring book pages

Parent and teacher printable activities

Download the App Today

Download the app today and get your Engineering On!

Just wait until to you see the ending!