A unique way to learn about construction!

Codie needs your help. He has several construction projects to complete. Help him build a garden, prepare the ground and build a swimming pool, fix street signs, and build a dog house for Java, his pet Corgie. Then, help Codie and Java on their exploration as they look for dinosaur eggs.

Build, Build, Build

Codie has several construction projects to build and Java, his pet Corgie, is there to help him every step of the way. You can pick a dog house for them to build for Java. You can even pick the color and interior options.

Have fun learning the steps and required materials and tools for some entertaining construction projects. Watch out for Java, she likes to have fun.

A Fun Way to Learn

Highly interactive and intuitive

Five Games in One!

Features Codie, three19's monkey character, and Java, Codie's pet Tri-Color Corgi

Have fun learning with big construction equipment

Coming in Winter 2017

Codie's Construction Adventures is planned for a Winter 2017 release for iOS. Subsequent releases will be for Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

A safety-conscious learning game!