A Caffeinated Tower Defense Game!

Play as a coffee eating faun (half man, half goat) in search of the best coffee beans on the planet.
Travel the globe in your quest to collect coffee samples to save the faun race.

Unique Towers

Each tower is coffee-inspired and is upgradable. No in-app purchases necessary to earn new towers or upgrades.

From hot coffee bean spitting towers to steam wands, you'll have the power to demolish anyone and anything threatening your coffee beans.

Unique Story

The goats have a nice life on their planet but tie easily. One day, Festus, the planetary leader, assembled the League of King Goats and asked them to do something to give goats more energy. The League of King Goats met and decided that someone would ave to travel to another planet to search out a solution. Regulus volunteered for the mission.

Regulus is shot into space and lands commandingly on the coffee-bean-shaped planet...

Coming in Spring 2018

Coffee Tower Defense is planned for release in the Spring of 2018 for iOS and Android. Subsequent releases will be for Mac OS and Windows.

We are redefining the Tower Defense Genre