A new take on an old classic!

Help Lonna and her friend, Korinna find their way home by solving word puzzles. Be careful; every mistake brings Lonna and Korinna into greater peril.
Are you ready to prove your mastery of the English language? Don’t let Lonna or Korinna down!.

Meet Lona

Lona and her friend Corina are just paling around one day and then they decide to do something dangerous. They decide to cross a wide chasm. Things don't go well.

Help Lona make her way through the desert to find her home. Corina will help as needed, but Lona really needs your help. Be careful, if you make mistakes, Lona suffers the consequences.

Content-Rich Game

There are over 2,600 words in 6 categories (Animals, Food, Healthcare, Sports, Technology, and Random)

10 unique levels

Over 100 animation clips

Helper buttons (First & Last Letter Reveal, Vowel Reveal, and Skip)

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The most unique hangman-type game available!