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Welcome to three19. We are a software design and development studio specializing in educational games. We, as individuals and as a collective, are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of our practices regarding the Personal Information we collect from users via our website as well as our desktop, web, tablet, and mobile applications (apps). This applies to services as well as applications.  The Privacy Policy applies to all users, registered, logged in, logged out, subscriber, non-subscriber, customer, non-customer, and guests.

Special Note About Children

Our applications are intended for use by children, parents, and educators. Our website is designed for adults, not children. Some of our apps are specifically designed for children. As an adult, we know you are concerned about the privacy of children. We share that concern and never knowingly collect personal information about children through any of our applications (apps). We do use third-party services that collect and provide anonymous analytics regarding app usage.

Information We Collect

The only information about you (such as contact information, name, address, etc.) is what you might send to us via an email web-form or to submit payment. We do not use any software to collect information via our website or applications. If you have previously provided your email address and want us to delete it from our system, simply let us know at contact@three19 dot com.

Just to be clear, we do not collect any information via any of our applications that is not provided by you directly. An example is with our inventory system. To use that system, an adult has to set up an account which includes name and email address. That information is provided by you and stored by us to allow you access to your account. No other information is collected. If you do not specifically provide it to us, we do not collect it.

The non-personally identifying information that is collected is from third-party services that provide us with usage analytics. These analytics do not provide individual information. We review this information as a business process so we know where to focus our efforts. The analytics provided for the web and applications is limited to usage and has no ties to individuals.

Sharing Information

We do not share any information outside of three19 regarding specific users.

Our Assurances

  • We do not collect information without your knowledge
  • We securely protect information we have to the best of our ability
  • We will delete any/all information at your request (contact us at contact@three19 dot com)
  • We will never collect pictures or information directly from a child

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us via any of the means listed below:

email: contact@three19 dot com



Attn: Privacy

PO Box 1436

Tullahoma, TN 37388

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change and was last updated on January 9, 2019.