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Remote Inventory Control System (RICS)

Mobile Application (Android, iOS, phones, and tablets)

The Remote Inventory Control System (RICS) helps you manage your inventories at multiple locations. With multiple layers of user access, you can have your employees inventory items at their station or in their area at the beginning or end of each shift.

– Dashboard with Key Analytics

– Unlimited Users, Locations, Product Categories, and Items

– Robust Security and Reporting Module

– Custom Rule-Based Alert System

– Powerful Backend Interface

Cheers for Engineers

Mobile Application exclusively for iPads

Designed and developed for Texas Technical University under grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) #1249874 and #1463820.

This app was created to inspire young children to think about engineering and the meaningful impact of engineers and their work. It can serve as a standalone game or in-home/in-class interactive learning experience.

Features include:

  • Engineering challenges
  • Focus on engineering design process
  • Interactive interface
  • Achievement system with trophies
  • Character audio
  • Background music and sound effects
  • Consistent storyline
  • Epic ending
  • Printable certificates
  • Printable coloring book pages
  • Parent and Teacher printable activities

Brew Blender

Mobile Application

The Coffee Brew Blender app was created upon request by a speciality coffee roaster. It is a must have tool for professional and home roasters. Use of this tool helps ensure you produce a consistent batch of blended beans.

Key features:

  • Unlimited Blend Profiles
  • Supports 2, 3, and 4-Bean Blends
  • Ratings and Notes for each Blend Profile
  • Edit and Review Blend Profiles
  • Share Blend Profiles via Social Media

Nectar Flap

Casual Game for iTV and iOS

This game transforms you into a hummingbird. Learn to flap your wings as fast as a hummingbird can (10-15 times per second). Collect nectar from flowers and a hummingbird feeder.

Be careful, there are ants on the hummingbird feeder, a hungry cat, and wind to contend with.

Specifically designed and developed for iOS devices as well as Apple TV and the Siri Remote.

Key features:

  • Three hummingbirds to choose from
  • Unlimited progressively difficulty levels
  • Nectar value system
  • Health management
  • Wind system and indicator
  • In-App instructions
  • Hungry Cat

Codie’s Construction Adventures

Mobile Application

An interactive game for children that teaches basic construction fundamentals, sequencing, and safety.

Key features:

  • Five distinct game modes
  • Audio and visual queues
  • Professional animations
  • High quality spoken audio
  • Sound track and special effects

Meeting Calculator

Mobile Application

The Meeting Calculator gives you fiscal insight into your meetings. You start with an optional base price and calculate how much your meeting is costing you based on participant salaries and hourly wages. Add and remove attendees live.

Key features:

  • Multiple currencies supported
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Archive meeting information on your device
  • In-meeting topic timer
  • Contextual help


Mobile Application (Android and iOS)

A western-themed action-adventure word game — a completely new twist on hangman games.

Help Lona and her friend, Korinna find their way home by solving word puzzles. Be careful; eery mistake brings Lona and Korinna into greater peril.

Are you ready to prove your mastery of the English Language? Don’t let Lona or Korinna down!

Key Features (full version)

  • Over 2,600 words in 6 categories (Animals, Food, Healthcare, Sports, Technology, and Random)
  • 10 unique levels
  • Over 100 animation sequences
  • No advertisements
  • No in-app purchases
  • No push notifications


Custom simulation software created for newly constructed women’s and children’s hospital.

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